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Vienna - Bratislava - Budapest Scenic Tour

Private car transfer from Vienna to Budapest with stop in Bratislava. Sightseeing in Europ's most glamorous city.

Private car transfer from Vienna to Budapest with stop in Bratislava. Sightseeing in Europ's most glamorous city
    - Bratislava is at the centre of Europe in the extreme southwest of Slovakia. The edge of the city actually forms Slovakia's borders with Hungary, to the south, and Austria, to the west, making it the only capital city to border two neighbouring countries. In addition, the Czech Republic is only 62 kilometres away. The Austrian capital Vienna is only 60 kilometres distant, making them among the world's closest capital cities. Bratislava might be Europe's most relaxed city, because what this city does have is old-town charm, sophisticated restaurants, traditional pubs, good music ranging from jazz to opera, stylish people, and a human scale which means that as a visitor you will not spend half your day trekking in and out of underground stations or getting from the airport into town. All this, and Europe's greatest river as a backdrop. If you have only a few hours in the city, here are few suggestions for:

    - things to do and see in Bratislava:

    - Bratislava Castle (Hrad) Link to - Bratislava Castle (Hrad)

    - St. Martin's Cathedral: Link to - - St. Martin's Cathedral
    - Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising: Link to - Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising
    - Old Town Hall Link to - Old Town Hall
    - Tour vehicle Presporacik-Oldtimer® +421 903 302 817 Link to - Bratislava tour vehicle Presporacik-Oldtimer® +421 903 302 817

    - Program and sights - Bratislava scenic tour: - Take a stroll through the traffic-free old town, and breathe in the atmosphere of its centuries-old streets, squares and buildings. Walk, or take a short bus ride, up to the castle which currently hosts temporary historical exhibitions and from whose ramparts you can see nearby Hungary, Austria and the Danube valley. Do as the locals do and savour a coffee in one of the numerous city-centre cafes.

    - Culture: Bratislava is the cultural heart of Slovakia. Owing to its historical multi-cultural character, local culture is influenced by various ethnic and religious groups, including Germans, Slovaks, Hungarians, and Jews. Bratislava enjoys numerous theatres, museums, galleries, concert halls, cinemas, film clubs, and foreign cultural institutions

    - Old Town Hall: - is a complex of buildings from the 14th century in the Old Town. It is the oldest city hall in the country and it is one of the oldest stone buildings still standing in Bratislava, with the tower being built approximately in 1370. The town hall was created in the 15th century by connecting three townhouses, and then went through several reconstructions in the course of the centuries. It houses the oldest museum in Bratislava, the Bratislava City Museum, founded in 1868, featuring an exhibit of the city history and an exhibit of torture devices. The outlook from the top of the Old Town Hall tower offers a round view of Bratislava Old Town and its environs.

    - Main Square: - Hlavné námestie is one of the best known squares in Bratislava. It is located in the Old Town and it is often considered to be the center of the city. Some of the main landmarks found in the square are the Old Town Hall and Roland Fountain.

    - St. Martin's Cathedral, Bratislava: - the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bratislava. It is situated at the western border of the historical city center below Bratislava Castle. It is the largest and finest, as well as one of the oldest churches in Bratislava, known especially for being the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary between 1563 and 1830.
    - The cathedral became the coronation church of the sovereigns of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1563, succeeding the Virgin Mary Church in Székesfehérvár, after the Ottoman Empire conquered that city. In total, the coronations of 11 kings and queens plus 8 of their consorts occurred here between 1563 and 1830, including that of Maria Theresa of Austria.
    - Together with the castle on the hill adjacent, and somewhat similar in its striking but fairly stark Gothic lines and colouring, St Martin's 85 m (279 ft) spire dominates Old Town’s skyline. The tower virtually formed a part of the town’s fortifications, built as it was into the city’s defensive walls.

    - Bratislava Castle: - One of the most prominent structures in the city is Bratislava Castle, situated on a plateau 85 metres (279 ft) above the Danube. The castle hill site has been inhabited since the transitional period between the Stone and Bronze ages and has been the acropolis of a Celtic town, part of the Roman Limes Romanus, a huge Slavic fortified settlement, and a political, military and religious centre for Great Moravia. A stone castle was not constructed until the 10th century, when the area was part of the Kingdom of Hungary. The castle was converted into a Gothic anti-Hussite fortress under Sigismund of Luxemburg in 1430, became a Renaissance castle in 1562, and was rebuilt in 1649 in the baroque style. Under Queen Maria Theresa, the castle became a prestigious royal seat. In 1811, the castle was inadvertently destroyed by fire and lay in ruins until the 1950s, when it was rebuilt mostly in its former Theresian style.

    - Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising: - Most Slovenského národného povstania is a road bridge over the Danube. It is the 32nd-tallest, and thus shortest, member of the World Federation of Great Towers, and is the only bridge to be a member. It is the world's longest cable-stayed bridge to have one pylon and one cable-stayed plane. It is an asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge with a main span length of 303 m (994 ft). Its steel construction is suspended from steel cables, connected on the Petržalka side to two pillars. The total length of the bridge is 430.8 m (1,413 ft), its width 21 m (69 ft), and it weighs 537 t (592 short tons). A special attraction is the flying saucer-shaped structure housing a restaurant, which since 2005 has been called UFO, on the bridge's 84.6 m (278 ft) pylon. The restaurant is reached using an elevator located in the east pillar, and offers a good view over Bratislava. The west pillar houses an emergency staircase with 430 stairs. Nový Most has four lanes for motor traffic on the upper level and lanes for bicycles and pedestrians on the lower level.

    Bratislava - Old Town Hall Bratislava Castle (Hrad) and the St. Martin's Cathedral Tour vehicle Presporacik-Oldtimer® Bratislava. Sightseeing in Europ's most glamorous city
    St. Martin's Cathedral in Bratislava. The Grassalkovich Palace is the residence of the president of Slovakia Bratislava. Sightseeing in the Old-town
    Schone Naci - The stuff of Bratislava legends, Schone Naci was a well known figure in the early 20th century. A poor and mentally ill man, he paraded the streets of Bratislava in old, but elegant attire - a velvet frock, greeting passers-by with his top-hat and bowing courteously to ladies passing by. Private car transfer from Vienna to Budapest with stop in Bratislava. Sightseeing in Europ's most glamorous city Paparazzi - An even more recent addition adorning the eponymous restaurant in the Old Town, just round the corner from the Main Square.


Vienna - Bratislava - Budapest Scenic Tour - full day excursion Taxi max. 4 pax. Minivan max. 7 pax. duration distance
transfer from Vienna to Budapest with stop in Bratislava 399,- EUR 499,- EUR approx.: 8 hours approx.: 300 km
transfer from Budapest to Vienna with stop in Bratislava 399,- EUR 499,- EUR approx.: 8 hours approx.: 300 km

    - Private car transfer from Vienna - to Budapest with an excursion to Bratislava:
    - Route: trip from Vienna - via Bratislava - to Budapest (appr. 300 km)
    - Duration: total 6 - 8 hours (3 - 5 hours staying in Bratislava)
    - Driver: English, German, Hungarian speaking (no licenced guide, but very informative )

    * Lunch, entries - are not included in the price
    * Car for max. 4 passengers Mercedes E class station wagon
    * Car for max. 7 passengers Mercedes Vito or Viano minivan
    * Payment: CASH for the driver in EUR or HUF

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